paulv2k4 Career Expansion Mod Phase 1 Patch 3

Creator(s):  paulv2k4
Tags(s):  Career, Dynamic System, Realism Mod, paulv2k4, Career Expansion Mod, CEM
Uploaded Date:  Wednesday, 24 June 2020 16:02
A new type of mod that expands the Career mode adding new options and features

Introducing the Career Expansion Mod.

What is included in this release?
This is Phase 1. Phase 1 has barely any usable additions but may be interesting to some of you. The included features are:
- Edit your transfer budgets manually
- Search for and accept a sponsor contract for 3 sponsor types (Main, Kit maker, Training/Stadium)
- Request for funds from your board
- Look at your team's personality and emotion types.

Phase 1 includes:
- Partial Sponsorship Options
- Request Funds feature
- An expanded Squad Hub that includes your player's rank in the team, your team's personality and your best option for captain.

How do I use it?
1) Launch Career Expansion Mod and wait until the screen has popped up (usually takes around 5 seconds). You will need administrator privileges. It should ask you for them when launching.

2) Launch FIFA 20 in any way you see fit. This can be through Frosty Mod Manager (with any mods) or via Origin

3) Load your Career

4) To see if CEM is working. Press and Hold F2 to open it.

5) In CEM, try clicking on Finances or Squad to see the relevant screens and assign some sponsorships.

6) Alt-Tab / Reopen your FIFA and continue playing as normal. After a Monday has past, you should see that your Starting Budget has increased.

Fix for the latest EA patch and fix some issues with finding the save game

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