Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 - Gameplay Mini Mod - Version 1

Creator(s):  paulv2k4
Tags(s):  Gameplay, FIFA 21, Mini Mod
Uploaded Date:  Saturday, 03 October 2020 10:28
The expert of FIFA Gameplay mods is back for another season on FIFA 21

Here is my first mini gameplay mod to help out with the way the game is at the moment. This is all we have until more tools are built.

I found some significant issues with FIFA 21.
1) The goalkeepers are bad!
2) Shooting is too easy
3) Through balls are over powered
4) Defending is poor, especially on competitor mode
5) The gap between defence and midfield is far too big, especially when defending
6) Defensive Midfield players are useless and don't protect the defence.

Some of the good points are:
1) The pace of the game is nice
2) The AI are much better at attacking
3) The off the ball runs are great
4) The AI use tactics properly

This game has lots of potential but until I have fully functional tools, I cannot do that much. Anyway, here is my first test locale.ini (mini gameplay mod) for you all to try.

This gameplay mod focuses on making the AI more direct and fixing as much as I can in AI defending and Goalkeeping.

Suggested Sliders:  ( I don't normally suggest sliders, but this game needs it until I can fix more )
Line Height - 0
Line Length - 0
Marking - 75
GK - 75
Pass Error - 55
Shot Error - 55

Difficulty - Legendary
Competitor Mode - OFF!!

To install:

Copy the locale.ini to Data folder in your FIFA 21 install directory.

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