Paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Career Realism Mod - 1.7 - Alpha 23

Creator(s):  paulv2k4
Tags(s):  Career, paulv2k4, Realism Mod
Uploaded Date:  Wednesday, 19 August 2020 16:59
This is a FIFA 20 Career Mode Realism mod designed to improve the experience of managing your team at any level

Version 1.7 is the "Hard" version of the mod. Please do not use if you dislike a difficult experience!

Features found in all versions

  • Dynamic Hair/Beard growth system
  • Match simulation, League table and Goal Scorers - Massive improvement over vanilla and league tables are usually correct
  • Team Selection - AI will always try and select best First 11 and subs, rotating only for friendlies and the odd cup match
  • Finances - Rewritten and Significantly improved for realism
  • Board & Objectives
  • Transfers - Rewritten and Significantly improved for realism and better AI transfers
  • Player Values - Rewritten and Significantly improved Player Value calculation
  • Player Wages - Rewritten and balanced for all teams and all levels
  • Youth - Completely rewritten youth system for balance and realism
  • Dynamic Potential is not used as much and not as high (fixing 99 OVR bug)
  • Morale - Players are harder to keep happy
  • AI Player Contracts - Fixed all EA bugs
  • Press Conferences - There is much more of a risk or reward scheme to all press conferences
  • Player Customization - Enabled full customization of players in Main Menu & Career Mode
  • Face pack support - Enabled the support of Face packs without using Cheat Engine (must use Hair, Face & Beard Syst

Changes to this version. 

# Version 1.7


## Changes from 1.6.6


## Match Simulation

- Slight tweak to "who wins" logic adding a buff to the real life "top 6" PL teams

- Championship and lower leagues no longer finish with 100+ points

- Fixed buggy goal scorer and assister ratio table

- Adjusted goals scored for a more realistic goal scorer and assister table


## Transfers

- Lowered the "score" a smaller top league team would get for player evalution

- Ensured teams replace their missing players

- Added back AI searching for young exciting talent

- Loans are much more active


## Youth Academy and Scouting

- Rebuilt country youth ability table to match real world FIFA rankings

- Made it so 5* scouts are much more expensive

- Made it so 4* and 5* scouts find higher youth potential and starting OVR

- Youth scouts will no longer always get high potential and high overall goalkeepers each month - fixing an EA bug

- Fixed an issue where obtaining a Centre Back was incredibly rare

- Remapped "primary" attributes for all "types" of youth


## Morale

- High tempered are now more likely to be concerned about their last match (win or loss)

- Calm players are now more likely to be generally concerned about everything equally

- Applied fix to Form to Morale table


## Player Tiering System

- A lot of younger players are now "Prospect" not "Sporadic"

- The best players of the team are now "Crucial" not "Important"


## Dynamic Boot System

- Players will now automatically switch boots to non-generic models and move around them periodically (other setting file required) (NOT DONE) 


## Theme

- New FIFA 18 style theme


## In game pause menu

- Added "Sim rest of match" to options to avoid a "forfeit"


## Finances

- Recalculated the Match Earnings and Stadium Maintenance to match real life data provided during the PL restart (NOT COMPLETE)

- Recalculated the starting money for each team

- Lowered the amount earned from sold players

- Lowered the amount of budget and money transferred to the next season


## Player Contracts / Player Wages

- Reworked the contract lengths players ask for. They should now ask for more than their on and matching the rest of the team.

- Removed the wages going down depandant on the player to team OVR ratio

- Increased wages for top teams who hand over large amounts

- Increased the amounts teams outside the English Premier League will offer players


## Player Values

- Recalculated player values for all areas, OVR and ages. Much lower than 1.6.


## Player Training

- Player Individual training can now get zero attribute boost if they do badly (i.e. get E or F rating)


## Dynamic Potential

- Made a small change to DP so that the score for lowering potential is much likely to be reached


## UI

- Added Youth Academy to main dashboard

- Rearranged "season" tab with additional options

- Added "Fixtures" screen to main dashboard and season tab


## Graphics and Licensing

- Serie B is fully licensed (Unfinished)

---> Serie B logo and text

- SkyBet Football League sponsors added (Unfinished)

- Scottish "Ladbrokes" Premiership logo added


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